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Featured Employee

Wed, September 20, 2017

Featured Employee


Our featured employee in this quarter is Steve Lopez, one of our top superintendents and current site manager for all Corey Delta work at a large refinery.

Steve joined Corey Delta in June 1994 as a mechanic. His Corey Delta journey has taken him through our ranks to...foreman, general foreman, and superintendent to his current position. A lengthy and, sometimes, tedious route. All the while Steve has spent the majority of his "free" time coaching youngsters in his community (Napa Valley) in baseball, exemplifying caring, discipline and integrity in his players. In the workplace he is known for his willingness to teach his crews, again, exemplifying integrity in all
his activities.

His entry level position as a mechanic placed him at work in one of the bay area refineries. His rise to senior superintendent was a natural progression for this born leader.

On a recent project he directed  the relocation of three above ground steel storage tanks, all 25' or more in diameter and 30' the amazement of those witnessing the move. His skillfull preparation facilitated a safe and efficient operation and with no damage to the tanks. 
Steve is an example of  a young man with desire and character who has risen  through our ranks creating a resume of impressive projects and a cadre of loyal clients.
Another Corey Delta success story!