Safety, Quality, Integrity


Wed, September 20, 2017
In 1974, Gene Waken, then manager of an open shop industrial construction company in Martinez, California, decided to establish his own firm.

In 1974, Mr. Waken approached the Dow Chemical Company's plant management in Pittsburg, California, a plant where he had provided services for several years. Dow's management agreed to provide limited orders for miscellaneous work for a brief period of time. In return, Mr. Waken pledged to provide a safe and productive workforce. In addition, he agreed to find project work in other companies' plants within the period of a few months.

With a small amount of borrowed money, Corey Construction Company (named after Mr. Waken's son) was launched. Within the first six months of 1974, Corey Construction had several small projects underway, had moved from a small job trailer to an old farmhouse in Concord, California, and had a workforce of about 20 craftspeople.

In 1980, Corey Construction acquired property and constructed its home offices in Benicia, California. An addition doubling the office's square footage was completed in 1983. In 1985, Corey Construction merged with a jointly owned company, Delta Industrial Services, which provided maintenance services to refineries, to become Corey Delta Constructors.

Thus, our consistent and enduring passion for excellence in safety and performance compels the progress that has brought us from our humble beginnings to the successful, multifaceted company you see today. As an employee-owned entity, we are ever more driven to excel.