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Thu, March 26, 2015

Corey Delta Constructors has, for decades, been a resource to the mining industry. Rock, sand quarries  in the western states, Texas and Hawaii, wash plants, conveyors and crushers are a part of our daily work activities.

In 2010 we entered the world of precious metal mining and have earned a position on the bidders list for many mining companies. These activities take us into new geographical areas, all of them remote with the logistical challenges inherent in such applications. We typically take them into stride and find solutions. 

Our ideal project is of the 20-50 man requirement, consisting of seasoned crafts and supervisors.


As always...we love a challenge, call us  for your next project.

Corey Delta is a full service partner to our clients working in a wide range of manufacturing, industrial, and research and development facilities. We are often involved from project inception through construction and plant operations.

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